Support for Transitioning Employees

The NWT Health and Social Services System (HSS System) recognizes that relocating to a new territory or community inevitably comes with many questions and challenges. To help address these challenges, the HSS System has introduced several Health and Social Services Employee Transition Coordinators (Transition Coordinators).

Our Transition Coordinators are responsible for providing a positive and supportive transition experience for new and relocating employees and their families within the HSS System, assisting new staff to bridge the gap in the transition process from their time of hire until after they have successful moved into their position.

The Transition Coordinators will help address questions about the new community, region, and the Northwest Territories. This can include answering questions on a broad range of topics, including (but not limited to) schools, groceries, restaurants, postal services, local attractions, community events and groups, local organizations, and support in fostering social networks. A key focus of the transition coordinators is to provide answers to questions that relocating employees and their families may have, to help them gain a better understanding of their community, local cultures, and customs, and to help them successfully integrate into their new environment. 

They support relocating employees and their families by:

  • Helping create a positive transition experience.
  • Helping employees and their families to realize they have transition support and are not alone.
  • Enabling employees to focus more on their new role rather than seeking answers to transition questions.
  • Helping employees and their families build meaningful connections with their communities.

The Transition Coordinators will support managers and senior management by:

  • Providing a single dedicated point of contact for relocating employees, hiring managers, and senior managers, related to transitions.
  • Reducing the workload of hiring managers and staff, by addressing transition issues and questions directly with the employee and their families.

Our three HSS Employee Transition Coordinators are Samantha Bhani, Caroline Browning-Kauffman, and Sehrish Khan.

Are you a relocating employee, or a manager with a relocating employee, seeking transition support? Contact us at