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Further to the notification sent out on Friday March 13, 2020 regarding the postponement or cancellation of all non-essential travel, the decision has been made to suspend all travel associated with the PDI and TASP program as well as delay any further approval or intake of applications until further notice.

For those employees who have already paid upfront costs associated with these programs, a plan will be put into place to ensure any costs incurred for registration and airfare will be reimbursed to the employee.

We are requesting that all employees asked to cancel their registrations and airfare bookings submit the appropriate documents for reimbursement through:

  • SAM for NTHSSA Employees
  • The PDI/TASP Coordinator for DHSS, HRHSSA and TCSA employees

Please ensure you submit any/all emails and receipts regarding refunds/reimbursements for airfare.  We will be issuing a monetary reimbursement for any credit amounts you may receive through your flight cancelation at this time, and we will apply the credit amount by way of an overall funding deduction to any future travel arrangements for Programs at a later date.

We appreciate your understanding at this time and will provide program updates as they come available through OurNTHSSA and through this webpage.

Please contact or for any process questions, coding and assistance in claiming costs back.

HSS Human Resource Strategic Plan and HSS Human Resource Programs


The HSS HR Strategic Plan is intended to help ensure:

  • The recruitment and retention of high quality employees;
  • Organizational stability and achievement of corporate and operational goals;
  • Linkages between corporate/strategic goals and operational activity; and
  • Systematic and proactive planning.

Click here to read the Health and Social Services Human Resource Strategic Plan.

A key component of the Strategic Plan is programs designed to be flexible and responsive to the changing health and social services environment.

The HSS Human Resource Programs listed below support the recruitment and retention of health and social services professionals within the HSS system.

For further information on HSS HR Programs, contact:


Decision Review

The Decision Review Guidelines give eligible program applicants an opportunity to request a review of a decision if they feel that their application for the Professional Development Initiative (PDI), Remote Nursing Program or Targeted Academic Support Program (TASP) was not assessed in accordance with program guidelines.

These guidelines and procedures only apply to an unsuccessful applicant who applied to one of the applicable programs and who is eligible for consideration as a current employee of the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority (NTHSSA), Hay River Health and Social Services Authority (HRHSSA) and Tłı̨cho Community Services Agency under the applicable program guidelines.

Please note that reviews are focused on assessing whether or not program guidelines were applied correctly. Where the reason for denial is related to lack of available funds, the decision cannot be overturned.

Click here for the Guidelines
Click here for the Form