David Pontin


Small system, big work-life benefits

“As far as I’m concerned, the best experiences in family medicine are to be had in smaller communities. Big cities just didn’t appeal to me. My wife and I both like working in small places, and wanted to work with Inuit and Indigenous people. And it just so vastly simplified our lives to live in a place where we were five minutes from our kids at any given time, where we had a pension, a paycheck every couple of weeks. It was a place that offered interesting medicine, in an area that had needs, and somewhere that could provide much-needed work-life balance at that time of our lives. Also, I think what’s kept us here over the years is that working in the Northwest Territories has given me a lot of opportunities to grow that I just wouldn’t get if I were in a bigger place competing with thousands of other doctors.”


Dr. David Pontin - ER Physician, Yellowknife