Charlotte Mackenzie

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Charlotte Mackenzie - Supervisor of Behchokò Child and Family Services

Tłı̨chǫ Region, NT


Q: What is your current position as a social worker?
A: “I am the Supervisor of Behchokò Child and Family Services in the Tłı̨chǫ Region and I carry responsibility for the regulation of social work practice amongst my colleagues and ensure we meet our mandate to provide effective client services to children, youth and families. Not only do I provide guidance and feedback but I also manage a case load of working with families of my own. We are hard workers that deal with crisis situations at all hours and I like to think we are experts at multi-tasking.”

Q: Why did you choose social work?
A: “Initially, I wanted to become a high school teacher and did two years in the teaching program because my dad was a teacher. It was then I realized I was in the wrong program. I am someone that wants to help people of ALL ages through many experiences and obstacles in their life outside of classroom. My parents were foster parents for 25 plus years and I worked in a school. My experiences helped me change my program to be in the human services profession.”

Q: How do you see the impact of your social work practice?
A: “I am someone that’s from the community of Behchokò as a Tłı̨chǫ person, born and raised there my whole life. I strive to see beyond the stigmas of what people go through and aim for roots of individual pain such as victims of abuse, painful memories of residential school, loss of culture, experiences of trauma, loss of attachments, mental health issues, intergenerational addictions, unhealthy coping choices, loss of loved ones to suicide. The impact that I see is we, social workers are learners, allies, advocates, and open about who we are and our role in our community. We help keep children safe but we also help people of all ages be safe. I want to be that person that’s always known to be fair, helpful and kind. I am proud of the work we do.”