Professional Development Programs

Male employee smiling while leaning against wall in Norman Wells Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories Health and Social Services system is committed to investing in opportunities that support employee knowledge, growth and development. Through programs such as the Professional Development Initiative (PDI) and the Targeted Academic Support Program (TASP), employees have access to financial support for the purposes of position related development and career advancement opportunities that align with both employees long term developmental plans, and the day to day skills required to provide quality care to our clients, patients and residents of the NWT.

These opportunities are available to eligible staff across the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services System. 

Professional Development Initiative

The Professional Development Initiative (PDI) program invests in the potential of our employees, by providing funding for professional development and learning opportunities through activities such as mentorship, seminars, webinars, and conferences year over year. The focus of this program is intended to support staff in the day-to-day, position-relevant skill enhancement, and individual professional development.

Diversity in learning is key to a well-rounded employee experience.  Training and professional development are essential for the well-being and success of health and social services professionals, and the NWT Health and Social Services system is pleased to support employees seeking these opportunities through the PDI program. 

For current staff interested in PDI, please visit OurNTHSSA for more information.

Targeted Academic Support Program

The Targeted Academic Support Program (TASP) is perfect for staff with long-term education goals and those seeking to expand their career opportunities. With financial support of up to $50,000, employees can work and learn while earning their degrees and certifications! Tuition, books, resources, and practicum costs are all eligible under the program.

The NWT HSS System recognizes the importance of developing our employees and supporting them to reach their full professional potential. – TASP provides an incredible opportunity for employees to advance their educational goals while supporting the current and future needs of the HSS System.

For current staff interested in TASP, please visit OurNTHSSA for more information.

Staff Testimonials

"The PDI program has allowed me to expand my skills, knowledge, and education while continuing to work as a Personal Outcomes Support Worker with Hay River Health & Social Services Authority. This program has given me the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals in my scope of practice. This in turn has given me the chance to learn and apply new skill sets, abilities, and attributes."

-Christina Morris / Personal Outcomes Support Worker

"TASP is an amazing opportunity for health care workers to expand their scope of practice. The application process was seamless, staff were very helpful and knowledgeable to assist my needs; and quick response time. Throughout my study period, staff were always available to address any concerns and point me in the right direction."

-Melanie Kearley / Clinical Nurse Educator

"PDI has allowed me to attend incredible training opportunities that have benefitted me and the people I serve. The PDI program is easy to navigate and I have never had issues getting support. PDI is an amazing employee resource and has been a highlight for me as a GNWT employee for over 10 years."

-Leili Heidema / Regional Manager, Mental Health and Addictions