Targeted Academic Support Program

The Targeted Academic Support Program (TASP) provides financial support of up to $50,000 to front line health and social services professionals employed in indeterminate health and social services professions within the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services System (HSS System), including NTHSSA, HRHSSA, TCSA (Health), and DHSS.

TASP is intended for employees seeking to expand their scope of practice by attaining academic or technical training offered through accredited post-secondary academic institutions. Applicants can apply for funding to support full-time or part-time studies via distance education, on-line learning, and/or in-person.

Each year, the selection committee will determine which occupation(s) are priority areas of need to be supported through TASP. Based on analysis regarding health and social services hard to recruit positions and/or occupational needs, prioritized occupations for TASP funding may vary from year to year.

For the 2019/20 fiscal year, priority consideration will be given to applicants pursuing accredited certificate, diploma, undergraduate, or graduate degrees in the following occupations:

  • Child and Youth Mental Health Counsellor
  • Clinical Nurse Educators
  • Community Social Services Worker
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer / Ultrasound Technician
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Personal Support Worker / Long-Term Care Worker
  • All specialized nursing positions

Applicants seeking financial support for academic and technical training for front line health and social services occupations not identified in the list above may be considered for TASP funding, if:

  • It will help address an existing or future gap in the HSS System; and
  • TASP funding is still available after applications for all priority occupations have been considered.

The 2020/21 applications for the TASP program is currently on hold due to COVID 19.

Please send Application Forms and supporting documentation via email to:

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